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Over the last week we’ve gone into high gear learning all we can about paranormal sciences. One of our new experts in the field, Ben Blankenship, has been experimenting with various means of apparition detection to build automated photo traps! It turns out there’s a lot of debate as to the best means to scientifically detect phantasms, but we’ve been having some promising tests using negative ion detection, static detection, and simple sound threshold triggers! You’ll be the first to know if we hook anything on our line!

Our research team has dug up some impressive history on the haunted Colonial Hotel that Smash Putt currently resides in, and it’s just freaky to us. Side note, is it fitting that Smash Putt will depart the world in a haunted hotel? We think so. There are three distinct periods of time that we believe may contribute to the psychic disturbances at the Colonial Hotel. We’ll look today at the earliest of these notable points in the history of this grand edifice.

Construction (1892-1901)

Jacob Gardner Kenyon was a traveling magician, ventriloquist, and inventor. In Spring of 1862,  with monies earned by patent of an improvement to the modern vehicle axle, he purchased the property to build his dream hotel in his adopted home city of Seattle. Throughout design and construction, Kenyon worked side by side with the architect and builders to construct a building meeting his exacting specifications… and possibly to integrate designs of magics learned from his studies of the occult.


Kenyon, however, was fated to die mysteriously before completion of the building. It is clear that the floor upon which Smash Putt! currently resides is the among the few floors completed when Kenyon passed on, and possibly the exact floor upon which he chose to take rooms.

We are left asking of this period of time, under what circumstances did Jacob Gardner Kenyon depart this realm? Ever the inventor, did he perhaps fall victim to an experiment in the occult? Or worse yet, did one of his experiments succeed? Did Jacob Gardner Kenyon design and build the Colonial Hotel as a paranormal mechanism to concentrate psychic energies?

Sorry, we really don’t mean to scare you off. This is truly an amazing venue. Tell ya what, we’ll give you a discount to come check this out.

Use code ‘jacobgardnerkenyon’ for %20 off tickets this week! While you’re here, think of his spirit stuck between worlds and raise a toast to Mr. Kenyon!

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