Putt Love Outbreak!


Get your date on at Smash Putt! Turns out that Smash Putt! is possibly one of the best dates on the planet, and it’s getting even better! This weekend we’re offering a simply fantastic deal to kick off your Valentine’s weekend just right!

Buy tickets w/ code ‘brownchickenbrowncow’ and get two for one tickets! Hit smashputt.com to get your tickets for this very romantic weekend!

The bar will feature some very romantic cocktail specials!

Now, we don’t have any medical degrees, so take the following as totally and definitely fact:

It turns out your brain cannot differentiate the mix of norepinephrine and adrenaline released by your body when you’re falling in love from the chemical cocktail released in response to the exciting stimuli offered by Smash Putt! Therefore, taking someone you’re in love with to Smash Putt! will make you fall double triple in love or just rekindle some romance with your steady someone! Smash Putt! truly is a little love boat in this sea of uncertain times! Science.

So take your special someone to our venue which is totally currently under peer review and participate in one of the most important citizen scientists experiments going on this weekend!!


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