The Eclectic Theater


We’re giving a shout out to some of the institutions that make Seattle a weird and wonderful place. It’s our way of passing the torch as we leave forever!

Just a stone’s throw from the drunken fracas know to Capitol Hill locals as ‘the pit’, The Eclectic Theater is a hidden gem of transportive delight! The Eclectic is a humble little black box theatre with hand-me-down furniture bedecked makeshift bar/lobby and creaky theater seats on saggy risers… in other words, exactly what we need more of in the ever simulacrum filled bar/entertainment wasteland that has come along with ever changing face of Seattle. It’s important to maintain cultural spaces where people can afford to take chances, make mistakes, and sometimes find something precious.

The Eclectic Theater hosts an ever changing selection of performing arts including experimental theater, screenplay readings, improv, sketch, and, importantly, they are platform that you can rent for your own small productions! The Eclectic is also home to one Seattle’s only monthly long form improv workshop, the Mammoth, which is simply great.

Take a risk on some local talent, and check out their calendar today!


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