Annex Theatre


We’re name checking some of our favorite cultural institutions and artists in Seattle before we wink out of existence. We just want to leave you with some hope for the future 🙂

Annex Theatre is one of our favorite ‘hidden in plain sight’ Seattle gems. On the corner of Pike & 11th on Capitol Hill, you can be forgiven if you haven’t been bold enough to venture three stories up their nondescript stairway, but you’re definitely missing out.

Annex Theatre presents a forum for experimentation and real risk taking. Frankly, we’ve seen many productions at Annex that are so bold and exuding of raw talent that you cannot stop talking about them. That’s the importance of Annex, it’s a space that demands of their artists to truly challenge themselves and try out new things. And frankly, we need to cherish this sort of antidote to the mundane commodified ‘culture’ that mainstream media spoon feeds us every fucking day.

Annex Theatre features two monthly shows that cannot be missed.

On the first Friday of every month Annex is host to the brilliant variety show ‘Spin the Bottle’, packed with amazing music, comedy, and chaos! And at the Annex on the first Sunday of every month, catch the Weird and Awesome Emmett Montgomery Show which is a show that we can only describe as post-post stand-up comedy.

Also, their lobby bar has some of the best cans of PBR in the city. Head over there right now!


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