Ghost Hunt, Our Findings

Our archivists unearthed an interesting chapter in the history of our historic 1122 Post Ave, illustrated with Kenyon’s continuous ghostly grip on the building into the middle of the century. It seems 1122 Post Ave was home to Coronet Toy Manufacturing, makers of horrific nightmare toys.

We unearthed what seems like a puff piece from the normally hard hitting Seattle Times in December 7th, 1947. The article is mostly human interest drivel about children visiting this den of devilish plush dolls. But we can clearly see in the photo evidence of some serious demonic infiltration.

First, of course, we must point out the dolls. Seriously, this bear is going to kill you.


..and that’s not atypical of toys manufactured in this building, and lest you think we are leaning heavily on grainy black & white newspaper imagery to emphasize the evils, we bring you a rare color photo of a Santa doll by Coronet “Toy” Manufacturing.


A truly satanic creature.

But that isn’t all. Clearly pictured here amongst the other children is the PNW’s most infamous domestic terrorist, who is still wanted by the FBI.


It is clear that Kenyon’s engineering has made 1122 Post Avenue a nexus point for cryptonoir spiritual coalescence; This is a place where raw phantasmical energies run rampant. We couldn’t think of a better venue for our finale edition of Smash Putt!

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