Pastor Kaleb!

We’re featuring our favorite local legends each week to let you know what to do after Smash Putt leaves planet earth forever in just 7 weekends! Take heart, there are lovely friends and weirdos for you to get to know!


Kaleb Kerr is one of our favorite performers and all around great guys. Among his decades of local amazing performances, he may be best known for Pastor Kaleb’s Sunday Service, a production that has become tradition spanning generations. Good news, friends, tickets just went up for sale for this year’s service! Put on your Sunday best and get a kick in pants! Candy for kids and Bloody Marys for the adults!

Pastor Kaleb’s Sunday Service is an unique celebration of the weirdness that brings us all together. Musical acts, sing-alongs, and variety show madness! There are few events that will fill your heart like this!

Check out the event on Facebook – Pastor Kaleb’s Sunday Service!


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