Add A Ball

We are just a few weekends away from the end of the Smash Putt! legacy. It’s okay, dry your tears – there is more to do in the city after our eternal departure. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know about establishments and organizations in the area that exude awesomeness.

This week’s feature – Add A Ball! This arcade/bar is a rip in time to an 80s past. Located in the basement of an industrial warehouse in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, patrons are thrown into nostalgia with pinball and arcade games from an era you were too young to remember.

Image 2

When you’re not busy flinging pinballs at targets and crushing creatures in arcade games, you can enjoy a cold tall boy on their patio (great for summer hangs). Beers are a great price and the environment is open, relaxed and fun.

Find some friends, bring some quarters, and prepare for good ol’ fashioned fun at this hidden barcade gem. Don’t miss a chance to loosen up at Add A Ball!


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