Metrix Create:Space

With our impending finale, we like to take time to shout out to organizations and establishments that make this city a great place! Today we are giving a hearty shout out to Metrix Create:Space!

Are you a maker with an interest in bringing your creations to life? Do you enjoy working with like-minded people to create something unique and innovative? Look no further than Metrix Creative:Space. This environment is built for makers, crafters, and artists who’d like to learn more through their space. You can come to take a lesson, or consult with the Metrix team to bring to life your ideas using laser cutting, 3D printing, and other artistic electronic methods. They also offer private mentoring in these areas and more!

Walking into the Metrix, you are greeted with a vending machine with all kinds of fun electronic parts for all of your maker needs. Once you walk through the doors, this nifty space just screams imagination and creativity!

Want to learn a new interesting skill?? Metrix is always offering fun, interesting, and skill-expanding workshops! You can check out these workshops by visiting their website –



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