Each week we give away a t-shirt to a photo that we think represents the awesomeness of Smash Putt! This week we are happy to announce  @a_little_bit_of_whit as the winner! They found one of our rare and alluring Night Flyer Balls! Not only does this ball allows the putter to play through our Mission ImipossiHole with the greatest of ease, but the mystical spell cast inside of it will give you good luck and fortune for the next 10 years! Good find, and great capture @a_little_bit_of_whit. Maybe you’ll get lucky next week by posting a picture and tagging #smashputt or checking in on your favorite form of social media. There will only be one more winner, so get into Smash Putt! this weekend and snap some pics!

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 3.35.18 PM


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