The end is at hand, come celebrate 8 years of pop-up weirdness!

Smash Putt! friends and family – the time has come. This is the LAST WEEKEND EVER. We are truly leaving something special behind – if you haven’t come out yet, the time is nigh!  Bring all of your friends! Heck, bring your whole family – we know Grandma Dot would be titillated at the idea of blasting balls in the Driving Range, or playing tricks on her grandkids at Wrong Hole. We’d love to pump Uncle Gary with vodka while he nostalgically swings at Skeeball, get Aunt Mary dancing at DJ Balls Hole, and have Cousin Larry elude the logs at Beaver Bash. Bring them all to enjoy one last round at Smash Putt!

Use code ‘lastweekendever’ for 20% off tickets this weekend!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.52.22 AM

This is the end, your only friend, the end. Get your balls deep in our dirty holes for the very last time! We’re all here for you! Hijinks and excitement await!


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