Since we are down to the FINAL WEEKS of mini-golf mayhem, each week we like to take the opportunity to give a hearty shout out to some of our favorite establishments and organizations. Smash Putt! wants to make sure our patrons can relieve the sting of our eternal absence with some great options for great things to do in the city. This week we’d like to give a big hey hello to Central Cinema! This ‘old school’ movie theater showcases classic films while offering you booze and food to enjoy while you watch!

The amusing and delightful atmosphere of Central Cinema is set as soon as you walk in the door. A small gallery of art for sale, and a vending machine of candy, movie-themed pins, and condoms graces the front hallway. As you make your way into the theater itself and sit at one of their booths (all set with tables for the array of drinks and eats you will undoubtedly order!), you are soon greeted by a waiter who happily takes requests for food and beverages.

If you think the hospitality stops there, you are mistaken! Need another drink during the show? Have to use the bathroom but don’t want to disrupt your movie experience? Have no fear; this place provides a mid-movie intermission for you to stretch your legs and take a breather.

Central Cinema provides eclectic array of films for movie-goers to enjoy. This month alone, classics such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ghostbusters, and Airplane! are being featured on their screen.

Not only do they show movies, but they also have their own happy hour and trivia night (movie-themed, of course). Seriously, what’s not to love about this place?  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to catch a flick in this unique space.  Check out their website today for showtimes!

Did you know that each week we choose a t-shirt winner for best photo?? This week’s winner is a capture by @thedappercrow. Just look at the unbridled artistry that can come out of a game at Smash Putt! We like this pic so much that we are giving this fancy photo-taker a t-shirt and a feature in our email, Instagram and Facebook! If you’d like the chance to be our weekly winner, tag your silly Smash Putt photos using #smashputt, or check in on your favorite form of social media. There are only a few more chances to get on the green, snap a pic, and win one of our awesome tees!

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.48.29 PM

Posed With Poise

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.29.31 PM

Ahoy, Smash Putters! Want to put some pep in your step with one of our signature cocktails? Look no further than the Tart McCracken!  This tantalizing bourbon drink will surely bring your spirits up. Want to know how we make it? Our own John Darby will show you how to craft this cocktail! Check it out!

There is limited time for drinking and playing at Smash Putt! Tickets are going fast and there are just a few short weekends left – get 20% off tickets for this weekend using the code, ‘lastchance’

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Smash Putt is but 5 weekends away from being dust and memories, but we have a parting gift for you! Each week we’re using our last dying gasps of life to feature one of the handful of things institutions and artists that make Seattle a strange and inspiring place to live!

Danger Huddle (1)
Brutal power, speed, and cunning wrapped up in bloody balletic grace await you at Seattle’s own Rat City Rollergirls! These athletic demons aren’t messing around in a sport that’s inspiringly oddball. Safe to say few of the bold women that strap wheels to their feet and engage in this full contact sport are totally sane, and that’s why we love em!

Recruiting is going on now! If you think you’ve got a whole lot of grit and that little bit of crazy necessary to be a Rat City Rollergirl, check out for info!

For tickets to up coming jams or more info, head over to

Smash Putt! loves it when our putter people get creative. Check out this gooey gum wall capture by @oh.susanna! That pink ball fits in perfectly with its chewy surroundings. This capture is so cool, we are giving this photo taker a t-shirt! Do you want a Smash Putt! T-shirt too?? Tag your pictures with #smashputt or check in on your favorite form of social media and you’ll have a chance to be our weekly winner!

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 1.14.47 PM

Danger 2017 Team Picture (1)

Come down this Friday to meet some hard hitting jammers from Rat City and find out how you can be a part of this legendary group of insanity! Meet Bento Boxer, Ponyo Knees and CAT-A-MA-RAM

Special 20% off for Rat City Rollergirls fans, use code ‘ratcity’ when you buy your tickets for this weekend!

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Private Party Special

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Great for epic company parties! Team builders! Weddings! Naming Ceremonies! Secret Masonic Meetings! Cult Blood Rituals! Birthdays!


The Hideout

Every week we feature one of the places, people, or organizations that makes Seattle such a weird, lovely, and magical place to live. We want to share with you the stuff that inspires us, so that when we’re all gone you’ll have some more wonderful things to do!

Up on First Hill, a short walk from the messy mosh pit of Capitol Hill, is a lovely respite from all that taxes you. The Hideout is one of those perfect dark and moody holes in the fabric of spacetime that you spend your whole life looking for.

With work by most of Seattle’s best artists hanging all around us, from floor to ceiling, we often find ourselves inspired to wade nipple deep into hushed conspiratorial conversations around candle lit slabs of glass, with expertly bruised orange peel floating in our sazeracs. Many a scintillating affair has been fueled by the dark romantic ambiance and skillfully crafted cocktails.


The Hideout is simply the best place in Seattle to create, scheme, and fall in love.

We are giving out a t-shirt to @messaolson for their spunky surprised look at Smash Putt’s! Deconstruction Zone hole. This manical robot is sure to excite, as it permanently alters the state of your ball, muahaha! Want a t-shirt for posting photographic Smash Putt! mayhem?! Just tag #smashputt or check in @smashputt on your favorite form social media, and you’ll have a chance to be our weekly winner!


“What is happening to my ball???”

Goodship, local creators of delightful marijuana infused edible treats, will be at Smash Putt! this Thursday! Goodship organizes elevating and inspiring arts and cultural events all around Seattle. You can purchase tickets over here at this special event page! Sneaky! Head over and sign up for their mailing list to find out about their other awesome events


Goodship is a collective of Seattle’s most accomplished culinary wizards, artists, and lovely humans with a mission to inspire and bring joy to your world. Look for their stuff in your favorite cannabis outlet!
To celebrate Goodship, we’re also throwing down a special discount for this weekend only! If you can’t come thursday, then use code “goodship” for 20% off tickets anytime this weekend!