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Now that’s some good Fooseball defense!

Our archivists unearthed an interesting chapter in the history of our historic 1122 Post Ave, illustrated with Kenyon’s continuous ghostly grip on the building into the middle of the century. It seems 1122 Post Ave was home to Coronet Toy Manufacturing, makers of horrific nightmare toys.

We unearthed what seems like a puff piece from the normally hard hitting Seattle Times in December 7th, 1947. The article is mostly human interest drivel about children visiting this den of devilish plush dolls. But we can clearly see in the photo evidence of some serious demonic infiltration.

First, of course, we must point out the dolls. Seriously, this bear is going to kill you.


..and that’s not atypical of toys manufactured in this building, and lest you think we are leaning heavily on grainy black & white newspaper imagery to emphasize the evils, we bring you a rare color photo of a Santa doll by Coronet “Toy” Manufacturing.


A truly satanic creature.

But that isn’t all. Clearly pictured here amongst the other children is the PNW’s most infamous domestic terrorist, who is still wanted by the FBI.


It is clear that Kenyon’s engineering has made 1122 Post Avenue a nexus point for cryptonoir spiritual coalescence; This is a place where raw phantasmical energies run rampant. We couldn’t think of a better venue for our finale edition of Smash Putt!

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We’re giving a shout out to some of the institutions that make Seattle a weird and wonderful place. It’s our way of passing the torch as we leave forever!

Just a stone’s throw from the drunken fracas know to Capitol Hill locals as ‘the pit’, The Eclectic Theater is a hidden gem of transportive delight! The Eclectic is a humble little black box theatre with hand-me-down furniture bedecked makeshift bar/lobby and creaky theater seats on saggy risers… in other words, exactly what we need more of in the ever simulacrum filled bar/entertainment wasteland that has come along with ever changing face of Seattle. It’s important to maintain cultural spaces where people can afford to take chances, make mistakes, and sometimes find something precious.

The Eclectic Theater hosts an ever changing selection of performing arts including experimental theater, screenplay readings, improv, sketch, and, importantly, they are platform that you can rent for your own small productions! The Eclectic is also home to one Seattle’s only monthly long form improv workshop, the Mammoth, which is simply great.

Take a risk on some local talent, and check out their calendar today!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.45.42 AM

This week we feature a wonderful photo by Maja! We like this image so much we’re giving Maja a t-shirt! Word to the wise, tag your photos with #smashputt or check-in here and we might pick you as your favoritest photo ever and give you some hard earned cotton to show off around town!


Over the last week we’ve gone into high gear learning all we can about paranormal sciences. One of our new experts in the field, Ben Blankenship, has been experimenting with various means of apparition detection to build automated photo traps! It turns out there’s a lot of debate as to the best means to scientifically detect phantasms, but we’ve been having some promising tests using negative ion detection, static detection, and simple sound threshold triggers! You’ll be the first to know if we hook anything on our line!

Our research team has dug up some impressive history on the haunted Colonial Hotel that Smash Putt currently resides in, and it’s just freaky to us. Side note, is it fitting that Smash Putt will depart the world in a haunted hotel? We think so. There are three distinct periods of time that we believe may contribute to the psychic disturbances at the Colonial Hotel. We’ll look today at the earliest of these notable points in the history of this grand edifice.

Construction (1892-1901)

Jacob Gardner Kenyon was a traveling magician, ventriloquist, and inventor. In Spring of 1862,  with monies earned by patent of an improvement to the modern vehicle axle, he purchased the property to build his dream hotel in his adopted home city of Seattle. Throughout design and construction, Kenyon worked side by side with the architect and builders to construct a building meeting his exacting specifications… and possibly to integrate designs of magics learned from his studies of the occult.


Kenyon, however, was fated to die mysteriously before completion of the building. It is clear that the floor upon which Smash Putt! currently resides is the among the few floors completed when Kenyon passed on, and possibly the exact floor upon which he chose to take rooms.

We are left asking of this period of time, under what circumstances did Jacob Gardner Kenyon depart this realm? Ever the inventor, did he perhaps fall victim to an experiment in the occult? Or worse yet, did one of his experiments succeed? Did Jacob Gardner Kenyon design and build the Colonial Hotel as a paranormal mechanism to concentrate psychic energies?

Sorry, we really don’t mean to scare you off. This is truly an amazing venue. Tell ya what, we’ll give you a discount to come check this out.

Use code ‘jacobgardnerkenyon’ for %20 off tickets this week! While you’re here, think of his spirit stuck between worlds and raise a toast to Mr. Kenyon!

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Smash Putt! is going away forever in just a few weeks and we can’t stand leaving you all alone, so we want to use our last breath to tell you about some of the artists and institutions that we dearly love, that they might bring you comfort in the years to come!


CoCA, Center on Contemporary Art, is a long lived artist hub started by artists for artists back in 1980. CoCA provides forums for artists and challenges us all to do amazing work. In the last two decades we’ve seen CoCA events and exhibits at several locations throughout Seattle, always these locations have presented provocative art that often pushed beyond of the mold required at other galleries. It’s wonderful to have an institution in Seattle that gives as much to artists that create hard-to-define and experimental work in mediums such as performance, sculpture, and machine/electronic art as much as they do with more traditional art forms.

CoCA currently has a gallery in Pioneer Square’s TK building and has supported artists at all stages of their creativity with an artist in residence program, CoCA Lab, since 2014.

From March 2-4 and April 6-29, CoCA will feature its members in this year’s annual Members’ Show, Make America Create Again, at their Pioneer Square gallery. March dates will highlight experimental and time based artists using sound, performance and video then the April show will feature the artist members that have work hanging on walls and sitting on pedestals.  

More info and an announcement of the selected members participating in the show will be on their website soon! CLICK HERE for details!

We cannot say enough about how the work presented by CoCA has influenced us as artists.
Please follow CoCA or get involved at


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Every year we find a new location for Smash Putt! and we’ve come to the sober realization that the building we’re in this year is most definitely haunted. We certainly are not a group prone to belief in the occult, but a series of undeniably odd events have left us with absolutely no doubts. For our finale year, we are located in a 120 year old building that was originally a hotel for transients, sailors, and prospectors trouncing through Seattle in the midst of the Klondike gold rush.

Weeks ago, while we were first installing Smash Putt, we began to encounter a series of hard to explain events. First there was Max, one of our builders, who insistence that heard whispers whenever we left him alone in the venue. And then we had several instances of some our machines starting up in the middle of the night and run even when not connected to any power at all, a state which persists until the observer would approach to within twenty paces. Myriad staffers have had cold flashes and the feeling of being watched. Finally, over this last weekend, Jon Darby witnessed a most strange vision while he worked alone in the dead of night, doing some routine repair work. Jon turned to find himself in the company of a doll, again twenty paces away, seemingly levitated 3 foot off the ground and looking directly at him. When he dropped his drill, a not-quite childlike laugh came from the not-quite doll. The doll then evaporated as Jon approached to investigate.

Ok, we admit that we’re not the most sober of eye witnesses. But at this point, enough staff members have witnessed enough weird shit that we feel the need to ask for your help. Please let us know if you meet with the face of the unknown while you’re attending Smash Putt! And please share any photos or recordings that might capture our ghostly visitors!
We invite you to come and hunt this apparition, we don’t know if it’s friendly.

Use the code ‘specter’ to get 10% of your ticket price. Buy tickets now at

We’re in touch with some archivists that might be able to shed some more light on this subject, we’ll keep you informed!

Douglas is walking away with his choice of our one of our awesome Smash Putt tshirt designs for capturing his amazing squad in action! Kudos for sneaking that gnome into Smash Putt, I’m pretty sure he won the night!

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