Come down this weekend and enjoy a beverage! Sales directly benefit People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, which is an insanely wonderful group of generous souls who save lives every single day. PHRA work tirelessly to stop the senseless infections, injuries, and deaths of drug users in Seattle.

We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with them year after year! PHRA are among the few people in Seattle that show care, respect, and love to drug users otherwise stuck in a system that often seems to complicity add a death sentence to the penalties already meted out for drug use. We couldn’t be more proud to work with such a pioneering group of heroes. Nothing but love here!

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Dear dear friends, Smash Putt is indeed be departing forever in April, but Seattle is full of amazing people that inspire us. In our last weeks with you, we’re trying to shed a spotlight on some of the amazing people that have inspired us and continue to carry the candle of everweird in these dark dark times.

Lo! Let us now talk about Chaotic Noise Marching Corps! CNMC is a band of freak-flag flying darlings that bleeped and thumped their way into our hearts. A marching band that can trace its DNA back to the founding of all anarcho-political-agitprop-modern-art marching mayhem in Seattle but whose basic fun loving verve keeps their presentation so very fresh and energized! You just cannot lull in the back of the room bobbing your head like a typical disaffected seattleite when Chaotic takes to the floor; indeed, you are forced to bound, dance, and covert with frivolity and vigor to their transcended merriment!

Frequenters of Smash Putt have undoubtedly rejoiced at some point to one of Chaotic Noise’s ludd-drump-bashing sets as they descend upon our humble little venue like a plague of merry-prankster locust; filling our skies with joy and reckless festivity while sucking dry our secret store-caches of beer and whiskey. These beloved scamps will wrestle you into an embrace while they lift your cocktail right out from under your nose. A fine plague to host, a fine plague to host indeed!
Many people are not clued into the fact that the bar at Smash Putt has operated in benefit of many lovely local nonprofit groups. It’s one of the best things about Smash Putt! The bar these last few weeks has operated in benefit of Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, and we would like to thank everyone that has bought a drink for helping to keep Seattle an exciting place full of amazing people. Next week, the bar will operate in benefit of People’s Harm Reduction Alliance! We’ll talk about PHRA in the next email!
You can find out about Chaotic Noise events and even book them at their website

OMG, This is awesome!!! We just ordered a bunch of these for this year’s event!


I hereby declare the Smashputter’s Creed:


Pol Rosenthal discusses our signature Cocktail, the Ginger Zelinka. Named for two of our beloved staffers Ginger H and J. Mustafa Zalinka.

Smash Putt robotics hackers, Jeremy Franklin-Ross and Mike McCracken, share tips on making electronic speed control devices for pneumatic cylinders. They also decide to modify Jacqueline’s bar in, well… maybe not the most useful way. A sit-com in the making?

Pneumatic Hacks with Mike and Jeremy

Piano Smash!

Here’s video proof of raw awesome.

Here’s a quick video assembled from the scant amount of footage that was found on the Smash cameras after opening weekend. This video provides a nice glimpse of Smash Putt even though it seems we were all having much too much fun with Smash and cocktails to do a more complete job documenting our festivities…

Thanks are due again to all that have come out to enjoy the wackiness of Smash Putt and to LineLand for an amazing sound track.

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