Family Shows

Portland Family Matinees Planned For Feb 16 & March 9, 2014, Noon – 3pm

Smash Putt is mechanized experimental art. We believe it is important to make our work available to young people and parents, but parental guidance and oversight is definitely required. Moving parts represent an inherent danger that might not be suitable for some young temperament. You are responsible for assuring the safety and mental health of  your young people.

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by a legal guardian!

Hey… guess what? There are elements of art and humor in our environment that certain square parents will find offensive… That’s because this show is for adults. If you are tempted to email us to ask questions if this show is appropriate for your kids, please don’t bring them. Foul language, drug reference, depictions of nudity, loud noise, machine violence, and unicorns being stabbed by clowns.

The staff and creators of Smash Putt unanimously wish we had Smash Putt in our lives as young people. This is exactly the sort of clever and subtly subversive art that corrupts young minds in the best of ways.

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