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Bizarre Smash Putt is mini-golf on steroids
“reconfigured war machines, powerful lasers and a pint of Manny’s. Many pints.” Jonathan Humbert, KOMO News
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The Stranger Suggests
“fun as hell” Bethany Jean Clement, The Stranger
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Not your grandma’s putt putt golf
“an artistic adventure” Eric Riddle, Evening Magazine
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Smash Putt golf returns
“no ordinary game” Marian Liu, The Seattle Times
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Last Night: Smash Putt
“I can think of few times in life that I’ve felt manlier than when armed with a golf ball cannon” Josh Cohen, PubliCola
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Must Play
“unleash your inner golf demons” Karen Johnson, Seattle Magazine
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“mad genius” Puget Hound
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Smash Putt: Miniature Golf. For Nerds. With Booze.
“don’t miss this awesome event” Aubrey, Yay Today!
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On the Go With Joe: KPTV Smash Putt feature
“insane” Joe V, Fox KPTV
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“Long story short, your ball is destroyed on the last hole.” PDXPipeline
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Smash Putt talks to KBOO
“industrial-demolition-style” SW Conser, KBOO FM Portland
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Smash Putt Miniature Golf Apocalypse
“An interactive art exhibition that defies the ordinary and has no equal” The Hungry Eyeball
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Mad Science Meets Putt Putt
“wildly creative “ The Skanner
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Smash Putt! Mini Golf Apocalypse
“meticulously engineered” The Portland Mercury
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Smash Putt is killer* fun (*waiver required)
“a lawless night on the links” The Denver Post
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Smash Putt! gets a hole in one
“Madness we say, madness!” Regis Highlander
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