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Group Parties & VIP Pleasures!!


VIP Submarine Spaceship Crash Room – Your Ticket to a Smashing Good TimeThese headless mannequins know how to party

THE VIP ROOM is a posh base for your Smash Putt party! A good place to cut cake, if you happen to have one. Seating for about 10, suitable for groups under 20. VIP room sales come with admission for 4, plus access to a super secret ticket portal which allows you to buy up to 15 more tickets (you can share this link for your homies)! 

NOTE: Only available during normally open hours (ie, weekends). Perfect for smaller groups (10 or 20 people) like birthday parties & small work-team outings. Like a VIP, boss!


Private Baller Party – The Exclusive Option: Have a Bar + Course All to Yourselves (PERFECT FOR YOUR WHOLE COMPANY HOLIDAY BASH)

Got too many revelers to fit into a single room? RENT ALL OF SMASHPUTT for your group’s activities! For more information, contact parties(at)smashputt(dot)com . Include a brief description of the occasion, number of attendants, & what date/time you want to rent.

NOTE: Only available when we’re NOT normally open (ie, during the week). Recommended group size: 35+



NOTE: If there’s no link, the room has sold. More dates will be released later in the month.






Frequently Answered Questions:

We get a lot of emails asking about a lot of details. We want to assure you that we don’t generally care about the details. Every event has a unique shape, and we promise we can fit you into Smash Putt! Some common issues:

Q: Can you give us a room that fits exactly 18?

A: Please try to mix and match. I bet you can get pretty close to what you want. If you really need something specific, you can contact us. Please make it easy for us by knowing EXACTLY what you want, communicating it clearly, and being ready to buy it. Before you contact us, please note that your question is likely already answered below.

Q: The room comes with X tickets, but we’ve more folks coming?

A: No problem, just buy the last ticket from the normal pool.

Q: Or we arranged for a large party, but there might be a few more folks coming?

A: Again, we’ll be happy to sell you a couple extra tix at the door. The whole point is for you to have a good time with your peeps!

Q: But tickets for that timeslot are all sold out?

A: Just come on down and we’ll sort out your straggler at the door. Promise!

Q: What kind of special perks are we talking about?

A: You really shouldn’t be so concerned with this. If I were you, I’d spend more time figuring out how YOU are going to BRING IT to Smash Putt. (Please note: For the right amount of money or entertainment, we are willing to accommodate certain bespoke situationist cravings … so if VIP really isn’t VIP enough, let us know what you’ve got in mind.)

Q: How long do we get that room for?

A: Two hours. We will kick you out if another party has rented it after yours. But even if that happens, there’s plenty of nooks and crannies to chill in at Smash Putt, so stay for however long your adventure lasts!

Q: Can I bring a birthday cake?

A: Of course you can! Did you think we were going to make you celebrate without a birthday cake? Just make sure you bring enough to share! Were you hoping to have strippers pop out of giant cake? Fine with us, we love special requests. Just please email parties @ sp about the details. We’ll let you know about special issues on our side — like how big the door is.

Q: We like to celebrate with Pizza not cake

A: Yes, pizza’s fine, thanks for asking. We’d probably draw the line at soup. That’s just a weird way to celebrate a birthday. Again, for larger groups we can help you plan more elaborate food stuff.