Smash Putt!

Smash Putt! MEGA Miniature Golf Apocalypse!


We had a lovely time in Portland, but have to move on. That’s right — Smash Putt really is a TEMPORARY EVENT. We are done and gone. If you didn’t catch us this time, make sure to get on that mailing list / facebooks, so we can notify you next time we’re in town!



Bring your buddies out for a night of mischievous competition and merciless amusement. Experience brand new hijinks and mechanized madness. Challenge your equilibrium and timing. Golfball cannons! Raucous contraptions! Scratch n’ sniff technology! Amazing feats of gravity defying whimsy. Leave no regrets on this plane of reality as we face the dawning of miniature golf armageddon.

Usher in unholy hedonism the way only Smash Putt can!

Smash Putt! Fun

Descend into the destruction and depravity of doomsday with ball in hand. Putt past pesky pitfalls and profoundly protuberant impediments in the ultimate test of skill, luck, n’ patience.

21+ fun gets your balls smashed and your holes thrashed late into the night.

Now offering private party reservations — Why not throw a party at our party?!