SMASH PUTT! — Thursday – Sunday Evenings

Skip all this – I want tix


Hey, What’s up, why can’t I buy tickets for next weekend?
Tickets are sold for the upcoming weekend only. If you would like to purchase tickets for a different weekend, please wait until that week to purchase. Release of the next batch of tickets is announced on the “Smash Putt Seattle” Facebook page.

Oh shit all the tickets are sold out? Can I buy tickets at the door?
We limit how many folks can play the course, so that players can take in the art and engage the full experience. Tickets are also sold at the door, but availability varies. Advance purchase guarantees a slot for you. If you show up at the door and the course is full, you can always have a delicious cocktail while you’re waiting for the course.

Can I just come have a drink?
Yes, you’re always welcome to enjoy Smash Putt as a spectator. We limit how many folks can play at once, but the bar is always open to you. We have a lovely selection of curated craft beverages for your enjoyment.

The old post office at 23rd & Union. Map & address

This is a 21+ only event! Must have ID!

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Prices displayed here are online pre-sale prices. Door prices are a couple bucks more.



Is Smash Putt 21+ strictly?
Yes. Smash Putt is 21+. We check ID at the door, so please don’t forget it.

Hey Parents! Interested in family shows?
SAD FACE! I’m afraid we aren’t able to host any all ages events this year. Sorry!

Bitch, I want a VIP room for my crew!
Hey now, relax! We can accommodate: Reserve a VIP room now!

Do I have to pay for admission? Can I just come and have a cocktail?
To come in and enjoy the art as a spectator is always free. Come have a cocktail at the bar and check out the exhibit. Should you like to interact with the maniacal mechanical golf robots we sell tickets which puts a putter and a ball in your hand for the evening! It’s an equipment rental fee that keeps us able to make this amazing art for you! Unfortunately, we have boot anyone that picks up a putter without paying to play. Sorry! This is a spectacular time made by poor artists.

What time is Smash Putt open?
Double check your tickets, it has the door times on it for your specific date! But generally doors are open after work-ish Thursdays & Fridays and afternoon-ish Saturdays & Sundays! We usually stay open as late as any normal bar would stay open.

Why are your tickets so confusing?
Because if we had one kind of ticket, everyone would show up at 9pm and nobody would have fun. So we want to encourage you to come early and late by making our tickets affordable.

Special shows? Birthday Parties?
For large parties we can make special arrangements. Have a look at our Groups & Parties page. If you have questions about a party you want to bring tonight, note that it usually takes us a few days to respond to this email. We’re a scrappy little crew (not a real company!). So if you’re in a hurry, just come down and our lovely staff will work things out at the door.

When do I have to leave?
No rush! Stay and have a cocktail! Enjoy one of our window rooms or our red room lounge. Smash Putt it a great place to meet new people.

SmashPutt is a Temporary Event, right?
That’s right, folks! Just a few weeks! Get it while it’s hot! Before you know it, it’s all over!